Feeding the Hungry with 2 Florida Non-Profits

Feeding the Hungry with 2 Florida Non-Profits

November marks the beginning of year-end festivities – and with it comes the promise of delicious meals. However, we know that there are some people who do not have access to food, which is why we made it our mission at Creating Better Days to help feed the hungry by supporting Second Harvest Food Bank and Harvest Drive Florida.

For every order placed, our company donated a dollar to the Central Florida chapter of Second Harvest Food Bank. According to the non-profit, every $10 equates to 40 meals, so you might be wondering: what were the results?

We provided 1,976 meals! 

In addition to raising funds through retail campaigns, our office in Fort Lauderdale hosted a month-long food drive. With the support of local businesses in the area, we were able to collect plenty of food to donate to Harvest Drive FloridaJust how much, you ask?

We collected 272 pounds of food!

This is just one of the ways our company strives to create a better day for those in need. We hope to continue doing good out in the world with your support! So, thank you for continuing to do business with us. We look forward to doing another charitable campaign again in the near future.