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  • What CBD Products Are There?

    Full spectrum CBD oil refers to an oil or product that contains the entirety of the cannabinoids in a natural cannabis plant. The oil extracted from the plant is used to manufacture CBD Oil products that only contain small amounts of THC (typically found in larger quantities in marijuana). What you get in quality CBD Oil, is a minimal amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC less than 0.3%) and high CBD presence. This remains the same throughout our more popular Cannabinoid products...
  • Best Time to Take CBD

    The most accurate answer to it is “whatever suits you specifically”. Because CBD affects everyone differently, it is important to fully understand how a particular CBD product of your choice affects you. Despite the many benefits that CBD can offer, be cautious of your dosage as the effects can work too well, resulting in one being too relaxed or getting nausea, reduced appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, or dry mouth. For more information on the various kinds of CBD products, click here. (insert hyperlink taking users to the blog called “What Does Full Spectrum Mean?”)
  • CBG vs CBD

    CBG vs CBD

    Humans have an elaborate, extensive, and complex Endocannabinoid System (ECS). It threads itself throughout the brain and body winding around glands and organs and permeating muscles and skin. Receptors designated CB1 and CB2 work busily along the system to manage health and wellbeing.

    They do not work exclusively, but CB1 receptors generally work in the brain and nervous system...

  • CBN vs CBD

    CBN vs CBD

    Cannabis sativa l. (hemp) is a treasure chest of natural chemical compounds. Officially, botanists have designated 66 of the 480 different compounds as “cannabinoids.” Everyone knows about the psycho-active mind-blowing ∆9-THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabinoid found in high potency in marijuana.

    CBD (cannabidiol) reportedly produces scientifically confirmed and anecdotal...

  • CBDialogues with Eric Shelton UFC Flyweight

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    Eric Shelton, UFC Flyweight

    CBD delivers an array of beneficial properties to many different people with individual wellness goals. While CBD can be found in your mother’s cabinet you can also find CBD in a UFC fighter’s gym bag. Take a journey through the dialogues of the people that find better days with CBD.


    Propelled by a hard work ethic and passion for his craft, Eric Shelton sat down with...

  • CBD for Summertime Sleep

    CBD For Summertime Sleep

    The summer season is finally upon us! Despite being the ideal time to catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation, many find it difficult to achieve quality sleep at night during this time of year. Whether due to warmer weather, non-stop supervision of children on break from school, or merely an existing sleep problem, CBD could be the ideal solution. In this...

  • CBD for Gout Relief

    CBD For Gout Pain Relief

    People often dismiss the pain attached to gout. But victims don’t. Victims understand the degree of pain and discomfort that comes with this form of arthritis. Many are turning to CBD as a solution.

    Arthritis is an autoimmune condition which basically means even specialists don’t fully understand causes, symptoms, and treatment. But the mechanism of gout is a bit...

  • Calming Your Pet’s Summer Storm Anxiety with CBD

    Calming Your Pet’s Summer Storm Anxiety with CBD

    The summer storm season is quickly approaching, much to the dismay of many pets. If your furry companion cowers at the crack of lightning and the roar of thunder or merely becomes anxious with the arrival of company, CBD may be an ideal compound to help calm your pet’s nerves. In this article, we will analyze the effects of CBD on pet anxiety and...

  • CBD for Brain Fog

    CBD For Brain Fog

    More people are complaining about “brain fog” than ever before. But it’s more than the latest medical buzzword. It’s a real and measurable condition attached to any number of medical problems. WebMD, for instance, notes, “Many women find it’s harder to remember things during pregnancy. Carrying a baby can change your body in lots of ways, and chemicals released to protect...

  • CBD And Summer Skin Care

    CBD and Summer Skincare

    Summer is a time for vacations away from the mundane repetitiveness of daily life. While spending time poolside and adventuring outdoors can be relaxing activities, the intense summer sun and unrelenting heat could potentially wreak havoc upon unprotected skin. In this article, we will analyze how CBD can help protect and restore balance to your skin naturally this summer.


  • How to Find Quality CBD

    How to Find Quality CBD

    Not all CBD-infused products are created equally. Several different conjoined factors dictate the quality and overall effectiveness of any given product, and knowing what to look for will significantly increase your overall likelihood of finding high-quality CBD. In this article, we will equip you with the knowledge necessary for the purchase of an excellent and...

  • Traveling With CBD

    Traveling With CBD

    Due to the continuously evolving political landscape surrounding CBD, many consumers remain hesitant towards certain aspects of this organic compound. Valid concerns such as matters of legality and potential repercussions involved while transporting CBD makes many consumers reluctant to travel with their supplements. To help remedy these concerns, we will discuss current CBD...