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CBD For Nerve Pain (Neuropathy): Everything You Need to Know

All pains are not equal. Doctors will ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10. But, pain is much more complex than that.

Neuropathic pain is its own unique problem — chronic, annoying, and excruciating for some. Often associated with diabetes, that’s not the only cause.

Nerve pain is not an ache, bruise, or muscular pain easily massaged or kneaded away. There is no sure cure, solution, or remedy. But, pain victims can find relief in several therapies, including that provided by CBD (cannabidiol).

The nature of neuropathy

The neuropathic pain arises from irritated, damaged, or dysfunctional nerves. Damaged and confused, the nerve cells send mixed signals to the brain and other bodily systems. And, of course, no two people respond in the same way.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke reports, “An estimated 20 million people in the United States have some form of peripheral neuropathy, a condition that develops as a result of damage to the peripheral nervous system — the vast communications network that transmits information between the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) and every other part of the body.”

  • Paresthesia refers to the tingling, prickly, or numbing sensations you might feel in extremities like your hands.
  • Allodynia is an abnormal sensitivity to stimulation, leading to an intense or distorted experience of touch.  
  • Symptoms include burning, muscle wasting and weakness, nocturnal pain, organ or gland dysfunction, and/or paralysis.
  • Digestion, sweating, sexual function, and urination may suffer from damage to nerves supplying the internal organs.

Nerve damage from diabetes first strikes the nerve fibers farthest from the brain. So, symptoms will work from the feet up the legs or fingers up the arms often leading to amputation of toes, fingers, or legs. If you are specifically dealing with foot pain we recommend our CBD skincare line. 


The Causes of Nerve Pain

Some few nerve pain conditions are genetic disorders. Most have other explanations:

  • Traumatic Injury: According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “The peripheral nerves comprise 43 pairs that branch off from the central nerves of the brain and spinal cord, and they supply sensation and motor function to the entire body. Injury to these fragile nerves can be minor or devastating and require expert diagnosis and management to restore optimal function.” The trauma may follow auto accidents, sports injuries, falls, and surgical procedures.
  • Repeated Stress: Repeated, awkward, or prolonged stress on muscle groups may inflame and damage movement in the elbow, wrist, or other joints. Such trauma may be caused by repetitive movements at work.
  • Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders: Chronically high blood sugar levels signal the presence of diabetes mellitus. Most diabetics feel light pain that progresses to heavy pain as it progresses.
  • Vasculitis: Narrowed blood vessels will reduce oxygen flow to the nerves and cause further damage to nerve tissue. The inflamed blood vessels walls harden, thicken, and scar presenting cardio risk.
  • Autoimmune Disease: Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjögren’s syndrome are common causes of peripheral neuropathy. As the diseases work differently to damage connective tissues, joints, and organs, they, directly and indirectly, damage nerve fibers or the sheathing surrounding them.
  • Cancer Tumors: Tumors, as well as the chemotherapy or radiation used to treat them, can cause extensive nerve damage and severe CIPN (chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy).
  • Neuromas: Nerve tissue builds where a penetrating injury occurred from accident or surgery. These otherwise benign tumors can cause severe pain and additional damage. These neuromas may also develop along nerves in those suffering from the genetic disorders Neurofibromatosis I and II
  • Viruses: Epstein-Barr, West Nile, shingles, and herpes simplex are all viruses that attack nerve tissues causing pain. Lyme disease, diphtheria, and Hansen’s disease all attack peripheral nerves.

Other diseases and external environmental influences will contribute to peripheral neuropathy which registers across the range of pain perception.

The care of nerve pain

The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy identifies the standard protocols for treating neuropathic pain. It starts with over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen and NSAIDs.

Doctors may also recommend opioids, corticosteroid injections, or nerve blocks which inject painkillers deep into the affected tissue or joint.

But, the Foundation also recognizes medical cannabis as a therapy. Specifically, they say, “Limited evidence suggests that medical marijuana, which is prescribed by doctors and legal in selected states in the U.S. and some countries internationally, can reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy, improve appetite in people with HIV/AIDS, and reduce chronic pain and muscle spasms associated with neuropathy.”


CBD for Neuropathy (Nerve Pain). Does CBD Help With Pain?

A study published in Neurotherapeutics claimed, “Clinical studies largely affirm that neuropathic pain patients derive benefits from cannabinoid treatment.” Pain printed a study on “Sativex successfully treats neuropathic pain characterized by allodynia.” And, the Journal of Experimental Medicine concludes, “Cannabinoids suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain by targeting α3 glycine receptors.”

CBD Oil NeuropathyThe list of research studies into the influence of CBD on chronic nerve pain continues. But, it has yet to define the mechanism by which CBD relieves or modulates pain. THC does influence mood and sense perception. Its psychoactive influences may distract users from their pain or help them forget with a loss of short-term memory. But, how CBD works on pain remains unclear.

What we do know is that CBD works indirectly, running interference on other factors that contribute to pain. For instance, it keeps the body from absorbing anandamide (the “bliss molecule”), a fatty neurotransmitter that sends messages on pain. That frees more anandamide to circulate.

CBD limits inflammation, autoimmune responses, and insomnia produced by pain. Its effects, however, assume regular use at an effective dosage. Used consistently, CBD may prevent and manage neuropathic pain.

You can consume CBD Oil for neuropathy or other cbd products in different forms that fit your lifestyle. Consumed at regular intervals through the day, 10mg to 25mg doses should manage chronic pain. And, you can find additional help from topicals massaged into pain points. We also offer:

If you are one of the millions who suffer from some form of chronic neuropathy, you beg for relief. You might even risk dangers to your health like addictive opioids, or you might seek relief in self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs.

But, if it does not conflict with other therapies, CBD will provide a nice form of relief with no psychoactive side effects. And, hemp-derived CBD is available legally throughout the United States. It’s certainly worth a try for those who suffer!


  1. Marvel Wickstrom on June 28, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Do I need a prescription?

    • Creating Better Days on July 9, 2018 at 11:34 am

      You do not need a prescription to purchase any of our products.

  2. Rainie on July 2, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    Is this legal for Florida? I’ve been in so much pain with neuropathy. I have type 2 diabetes and it went undetected for awhile which resulted in nerves in my feet being damaged. I’m taking gabapentin and a high dose and still not much relief.

    • Creating Better Days on July 9, 2018 at 11:33 am

      Our products are legal in all 50 states.

    • marnie palmerin on September 8, 2018 at 9:48 pm

      been on gabipenton ,just had dr take ne off. side effects ,are insidious..you just think its your body getting old. not so..have switched to cbd drops and cream.

      cannit believe the difference in pain.getting my life back..

      • kelly on October 15, 2018 at 11:45 pm

        I am on gabapentin now for over 6 yrs, high does of 2700mg a day, it has made me fat, losing concentration now, brain fog, I need to get off of it, but I am so afraid of side effects and the pain again.
        I would love to try a cbd oil but my Dr. says no. I feel hopeless

      • Angela on December 19, 2018 at 12:00 pm

        Please tell me names and Mg’s of what your using. Thank you

    • Allysa on September 9, 2018 at 12:09 pm

      Have you tried the products and found any reliefs??

    • Brenda McGehee on September 14, 2018 at 8:24 pm

      CBD oils come in different mgs. I use the 500mg now after taking 250mgs for about eight months. I started with a lower dose of 250mg just to be safe. This stuff is working for me, along with 1200 calorie diet. I enrolled in a water aerobic class and feeling better each day. I also take daily evening walks with my dog. Life is much better now with these changes. I would say I feel 70% better with these little changes. I hope this helps someone else.🐾

  3. Mark lukasik on July 25, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Does cbd show up in a drug test? Don’t want to risk job.

    • Creating Better Days on August 20, 2018 at 5:02 pm

      Our CBD will not show up on typical drug tests

  4. Janna Johnston on August 1, 2018 at 10:35 pm

    If taking prescribed medicines does the cbd have any affect against them?

    • Creating Better Days on August 8, 2018 at 12:33 pm

      Please consult with your doctor before taking CBD while on any other medications

      Thank You

  5. Charles eccles on August 24, 2018 at 8:33 am

    Do I need a doctor’s prescription?

    • Creating Better Days on September 27, 2018 at 12:20 pm

      A prescription is not required to purchase any of our products.

  6. Nicole on September 10, 2018 at 10:57 pm

    Will this oil give you a high or is it just for medicinal purposes ?

    • Creating Better Days on September 27, 2018 at 12:10 pm

      Creating Better Days CBD is a non-psychotropic. This means that you will not get “high” from our products.

  7. Brenda Docherty on September 15, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    My friend is looking for infused edibles for his neuropathy. Where can he find them. He’s in Tennessee and apparently laws have changed. He can no longer get Gabapentin and has no insurance.

  8. Laurie Johnson on September 27, 2018 at 11:49 am

    Where do you find a doctor who will prescribe a card for you to get the oil and can you go to a local Hydro store to purchase this

    • Creating Better Days on September 27, 2018 at 12:00 pm

      A medical card is not required to purchase any of our products. Please feel free to give us a call for a list of local shops that carry our products.

  9. Robert Davey on September 27, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    Ship to Canada.?

    • Creating Better Days on September 27, 2018 at 12:13 pm

      We do not currently ship to Canada

  10. Nico on October 22, 2018 at 10:57 am

    Best oil for nuerapathy pain

  11. Jerry Steiniger on November 16, 2018 at 11:50 am

    I have moderate neuropathy and have been told it will get will get worse over time, I started reading about CBD when I was researching some stocks with the legalization of cannabis. I have read that in almost all states CBD is legal if it is from hemp, The effectiveness seems to differ between patients.

  12. Tonya on February 14, 2019 at 12:46 am

    I have chronic nerve pain due to a back injury and have been on lyrics 150 mg a day and pain medication for 3 years now and I want to use some of this but I am clueless where to start on dosage and the the difference between the CBD oil that has high levels of THC in them and the ones that don’t. I live in KS and it isn’t legal here to have cannabis which sucks cuz I know it is helping people with similar conditions so please Help with information. Thank you

    • Creating Better Days on February 14, 2019 at 10:50 am

      Hello Tonya

      Creating Better Days CBD is legal in all 50 states. To learn more about dosages and any other questions that you might have please feel free to fill out our contact form and we will get all of your questions answered.


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