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How do I earn points?

For every $1 spent, you will earn 1 point. Please note that you must be logged into your account at checkout in order to collect points on your order. Points cannot be added after an order is placed.

When do I receive my points?

Once you complete the order, please allow 24 hours from when your order ships for your points to appear in your account. Available rewards can be found in the Rewards module at the bottom right of your browser.

How do I redeem my points?

Redeeming your points is easy! Available rewards will appear in the Rewards module. When a reward is selected, you will be prompted to activate the reward using a code. Once selected, the reward will be automatically applied to your cart total.

How do I use my points at checkout?

Once you redeem your rewards via the Rewards module, they will automatically be applied to your cart total.

Can I redeem points and use a discount code?

Only one promo and/or discount code can be applied on an order, no exceptions. Points and a discount code cannot both be used on one order.

I’m returning an item I used points to purchase. Do I get them back?

Yes! After the item is marked as returned in our system, the points used for this discount will return to your account.