New Product Launch: ICE Gummies

New Product Launch: ICE Gummies

Introducing our all-new ICE GUMMIES – a fresh take on our popular treats! If you love our Spectrum+ and Delta-8 Gummies, then you're sure to love our newest additions!

Our new ICE Gummies are made using the same formula you know and love but with an extra hint of mint to provide a refreshing kick. This is how we help you beat the heat and stay cool this summer!


Delta-8 Gummies - Pomegranate ICE – On the Beach


All four products are offered in 30-count jars, but options for flavor vary based on the cannabinoid. Our new Delta-8 Gummies are available as Banana ICE and Pomegranate ICE while our new Spectrum+ Gummies are available as Melon ICE and Black ICE. 


Delta-9 Gummies - Black ICE Delta-9 Gummies - Melon ICE
Delta-8 Gummies - Pomegranate ICE Delta-8 Gummies - Banana ICE


In celebration of our new product launch, we're currently offering 25% OFF on our ICE Gummies until 06/10/2022 – so don't miss out! Experience a new way to enjoy the power of plants by grabbing a jar of your own today.