Delivery Methods of CBD

Delivery Methods of CBD

The healing properties of CBD can be administered in different forms from oils, edibles as well as lotions/creams.

CBD products are the most popular medicinal cannabis products being sold in the market today. This is partly due to the wide array of individuals that are finding they can alleviate their various conditions just by using the products.

It is important to consider how long until you receive the desired effects you are looking for to determine your “delivery method.”

Two of the most important factors are the dosage and how it is administered.

The following are the commonly used delivery methods:



Vaping and Smoking

This method is the fastest way to feel effects.

Smoking and vaping CBD rich cannabis and its extracts are the fastest ways to feel its effects. This is because inhaling CBD directly leads to its entry in the bloodstream. CBD diffuses into the blood through a portion of the lungs. It takes about 5-10 minutes for the consumer to feel the effects of CBD, once inhaled. The only downside to this method is that its effects last the shortest amount of time, only up to 3 hours



Slower absorption than vaping. The term sublingual refers to the administration of CBD, in the form of CBD oil or tinctures, directly under the tongue. This is a common way to take medicines, wherein, the compound gets quick access to the bloodstream. After CBD oil is dripped under one’s tongue, the mucus membrane absorbs it. After this, it enters the bloodstream by diffusing into the capillaries under the tongue. The effects of sublingual administration are felt within minutes. The effects also last longer than smoking, for around 4-6 hours. Creating Better Days CBD tinctures include our 1250mg Full-Spectrum CBD Sublingual, 300mg CBD and CBN melatonin tincture, and even a 1000mg Sublingual fit for man's best friend.


Oral ingestion

Oral ingestion refers to the consumption of CBD through edibles. In this case, individuals must wait for the longest period to feel the effects of CBD. It takes between 30-60 minutes or more to feel the effects, since CBD must travel through the digestive tract to the liver prior to its admission in the bloodstream. The plus side of oral ingestion is that the effects last the longest; between 4-6 hours. It is available in various forms: oil, drinks, gummies, candy, coffee, etc. Creating Better Days has several products available that are taken orally, like our 1,500mg Cherry CBD Gummies or our 750mg Delta-8 Blue raspberry Gummies or our new 300mg Delta-9 rainbowcandy Gummies 


Further, we encourage you to find products that have a clear redirect back to lab testing that not only shows the potency of the extract used but its purity as well. Most companies will add a QR code to labels that will send you to a landing page with more detailed information about the product. This transparency ensures customers like you stay safe.

Determining your delivery method is often based on the desired effect you would like to achieve. Using some of the information in this article should help you decide, but like anything be sure to make an informed decision on what method is best for you!