200mg CBD Beverage Enhancer +Vitamin C

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CBD Beverage Enhancer +C is formulated to deliver a concentrated and convenient dose of CBD and Vitamin C in every squeeze. Developed to be non-psychoactive with the most bioavailable CBD, this formula provides a unique blend of Nano Amplified CBD, naturally occurring terpenes, and Vitamin C.


Purified Water, Nano-Emulsified Anhydrous Hemp Extract Oil (Aerial Parts) 200Mg, Citric Acid Terpenes, Sodium Benzoate, Natural Orange Flavoring, Vitamin C (1000Mg), Natural Coloring, Natural Sweetener

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200 mg CBD Beverage Enhancer- Orange Citrus

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Shake Well. 1 squeeze (about 1.2 tsp) per 8 fl. oz serving of water or choice of beverage. Sip and relax, always dilute.


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