Beginners Guide to CBD for Pets: Skin Conditions and Irritation

Skin Conditions and Irritation

When you see your pet licking profusely, scratching, clawing, and their coat is flakey, your pet may be suffering from an irritation of the skin.  

Skin irritations are a prevalent problem among pets and veterinarians have experienced no shortage in people bringing their pet in for treatment.

There are ways to treat these conditions and keep your pet’s skin healthy. CBD is quickly becoming the top treatment because it is natural and it is effective.

There are well over 150 different skin conditions in animals. Because our endocannabinoid system, receptors, and cannabinoids all work together, research is proving that cannabidiol is swiftly becoming one of the best natural medications to treat skin irritations.

The most common products currently available for your pets are CBD oil, treats, topicals, and capsules. Starting off with a CBD oil or topical product is the most ideal method of administration.

Always keep a close eye on your pet when you start them on a CBD regimen to treat their conditions. Each brand will have its own dosage guidelines, so be sure to follow them to promote the overall well being of your pet.

Common Skin Conditions and Irritations

Atopies is a reaction that is common in pets, and most common in big dogs like German Shepards. If you see your pet biting, scratching, or licking a body part constantly, they may be suffering from an uncomfortable irritation, and often damage their own skin in an attempt to relieve their discomfort.
Areas commonly affected by skin allergies are the belly, face, groin, underarms, feet, and ears. An overactive immune system is the root cause of skin allergies in both humans and pets.


Environmental allergens like fleas, pollen from plants/grass, mold, and dust mites can cause a reaction in your pets if their immune system mistakes these substances as threats.


Dogs need a variety in their diet just like we do. Highly processed dry kibble dog food contains protein that is covered in chemicals like hormones and antibiotics. This can send their own immune system into overdrive.

There are methods to figure out what it is your pet is allergic to by incorporating what is called an elimination diet, which literally means, eliminate ingredients one-by-one from your pet’s food to source the root cause of the allergic reaction or sensitivity.

There are several symptoms your pet may show if they are having areaction to something in their diet such as excessive scratching, itching skin, oozing skin, chewing on their body, swollen ears, swollen face, and irritated eyes.

How Can CBD I Help My Pet Heal

Your pet’s immune system is compromised when they have an allergic reaction, and their endocannabinoid system works with cannabinoids like CBD to give your pet’s body the ability they need to fight off the medical condition and regain their natural balance- a happy place.

CBD is a powerful therapy to reduce many inflammatory conditions from your pet’s body. This means your pet will no longer have to suffer from seasonal or food-related skin irritations. CBD oil combined with the correct diet is the best defense you can give your fur baby against the unwanted effects of allergies.

If symptoms persist, contact your veterinarian to see if a high-dosage CBD therapy can help.

CBD Boosts Cell Growth

While CBD oil can treat the physical discomfort of skin irritations, it can also address the root cause of the problem and stimulate the growth of healthy skin.

CBD and other phytocannabinoids like CBG have beneficial effects in controlling differentiation of skin cells which can treat skin irritation.

CBD Can Help Your Pet’s Body Fight Off Skin Irritants?

The unwanted symptoms of skin irritations can be treated effectively with CBD-rich hemp oil. This is according to a study that suggests CBD oil contains a highly concentrated amount of fatty acids as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

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