Top 5 Wellness Tips for 2019

2019 welcomes health and wellness with open arms. We know a few things to get you started on your journey to a healthier and better you. Here are 6 tips to give a try this year!


By adding these new variations of superfoods to your diet this year like seaweed, hemp, and moringa they will benefit your health. For example, Seaweed can regulate energy levels, mood and weight. Hemp fights inflammation and helps build strong muscles and bones. While moringa can promote a healthy immune system and is a positive source for antioxidants.


DIY Anxiety & Stress Relief

If you add exercise to your normal routine it can increase your well-being and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress throughout your day. Another way of reducing anxiety is by adding cannabidiol to your diet, both of these combined and you’ll be ready to take on the day!


At Home Fitness

Not a big fan of the gym? Well good news for you, more at home fitness options are sprouting up. Now you can finally say your TV helps you get fit with new interactive live streaming fitness classes. The immersive workout experience from home leaves you with no excuses!


Natural Skincare

You wouldn’t want to eat something that is deemed unnatural so why would you put it on your skin? This year more plant-based skincare products will be arising. Bakuchiol which comes from the babchi plant with its roots works as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and is being called the new natural retinol.


Healthy Habits

You can talk about doing things, but it doesn’t count until you do what you say. If you want to be aboard the 2019 wellness journey you have to put your goals into actions. For example, applying all these tips to your life this year so you can Create Better Days!