The Beginner’s Guide to CBD Oil for Pets: Stomach and Digestive Issues

A bad stomach is painful for both humans and our pets. Unfortunately for pets, they cannot verbally communicate the pain as we can. Swelling, nausea, and lethargy are common signs you furry friend may need some digestive assistance.

Any pet, including cats, who suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms and issues may have pain and discomfort in their colon, intestines, and their stomach. Swelling in these areas is the main cause of these issues in both pets and humans.

CBD is proven to be a highly effective therapy with impressive anti-inflammatory properties. There are various symptoms your pet may experience when they are suffering through digestive issues such as vomiting, rumbling stomach, bloody stools, loss of weight, lethargy, pain in the abdomen, as well as diarrhea.

Leaving your pet untreated can cause other serious medical conditions such as scarring in the digestive tract as well as severely unbalancing the healthy bacteria in your pet’s gastrointestinal system. Because CBD is a powerful and natural anti-inflammatory it can be useful in treating pain and swelling virtually anywhere in the body of pets and humans.

If you incorporate CBD into your pet’s daily regime, you are taking preventative measures and can stop intestinal swelling before it becomes a serious condition.

Animals can get sick because of eating unhealthy food- just like humans. Feeding your pet poor food can cause discomforting digestive problems. Using CBD to help mitigate the pain caused by stomach issues may be a naturally therapeutic option.

Incorporating CBD into your pet’s antipain arsenal, your pet can be on the road to recovery with the help and monitoring of their veterinarian.

What Causes an Upset Stomach?

While the occasional situation can commonly last between 24-48 hours, anything longer, an upset stomach can be a symptom of a much larger root cause.  

CBD and a Healthy Diet Helps Heal Digestive Conditions

Benefits of CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) may help reduce inflammation, restore balance to the digestive system, and increase your pet’s appetite. There are many ways incorporating cannabinoid therapies like a pure CBD hemp oil made specifically for pets may alleviate the unwanted symptoms of an upset stomach and other digestive concerns.

Because CBD is a natural compound, it is a holistic method that works with our own body to give it the boost it needs. Cannabidiol functions just like endocannabinoid receptors in your pet’s body do, which is why pet-patients may benefit from incorporating it into their regimen.

Treating the symptoms of pet diarrhea and other digestive issues with CBD can help your pet increase their urge to eat, reduce inflammation, and help the digestive system balance itself out.


Food that has gone bad is the most common cause of pets getting sick with an upset stomach.

Recommended Diet

If your pet is suffering from a queasy stomach, it is best to avoid foods that are flavored and most dairy products. Feed your pet a bland diet of white meats and low-fat foods in combination with a daily dose of CBD oil to help mitigate their discomfort and symptoms of digestive issues.

Using CBD for Pet’s Digestive Conditions

If your pet is currently taking medication for digestive conditions or related issues, it is best to speak with your veterinarian before you incorporate any supplement, including CBD.

Every CBD manufacturer produces a different CBD product. Be sure to educate yourself on the dosage guidelines that come with your supplement. The potency and cannabinoid strength will vary.

There are multiple methods of administering cannabidiol for your pet’s digestive issues. CBD oil and CBD-rich pet treats are the most popular and convenient products. Many factors play a role in how effective a CBD product will be in helping your pet’s digestive system heal like their current medical condition, weight, environment, method CBD is consumed, and the cannabinoid potency of your CBD product.

In Sum

While different pets have specific diet requirements, feeding your pet a healthy diet that is high-quality and rich in protein is a great way to prevent unwanted digestive issues. If your pet is suffering from an upset stomach be sure to implement a bland protein-rich diet, and do your best to keep them out of the trash.

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