The 9 best CBD gifts to give this holiday season

There's no doubt that CBD is the buzzy health and wellness product of the moment. From your stressful colleague to your arthritis-suffering mom, everyone wants to get their hands-on CBD products.

Today, you can find CBD (cannabidiol) in everything from skin lotions to roll-ons and even candles, designed to relieve anxiety, treat chronic pain, sore muscles, and promote better slumber.

So, isn't it a great idea to put CBD products on your 2020 gift list?

If you have a CBD-obsessed friend, then CBD infused skin-care products can be a great Christmas gift for them. A nice CBD skin cream or lip balm can be the perfect stocking stuffer.

To help you out, here are some CBD products you can gift to your loved ones;

CBG Tincture

 Price: $71.50

Portable and easy to use, it is a perfect gift for a hard-core cannabidiol enthusiast who wants a versatile CBD experience. Just a few drops of CBG tincture improve focus, ease stress, treat insomnia, artery blockage, seizures, muscles spasm, nausea, and vomiting.

Nano-CBD Serenity Lotion

Price: $38.48

If you know a CBD lover dealing with dry skin? A body lotion can be a good gift. Made with organic aloe vera gel, mineral oil, and refined hemp extract, Serenity Lotion nourishes dry, cracked ankles the moment it's applied. It is also great for shoulder and neck pain.


Heretic Midnight Toker Eau De Parfum

Price: $85

For scent lovers, there couldn't be a better gift than this. It is made for people with perfume sensitivities and allergies. This fragrance contains 150mg of full-spectrum CBD Oil and is a perfect balance of nutmeg, black pepper, patchouli, and vanilla. Irresistible and calming at the same time, it is best if you prefer a romantic gift for your significant other.

CBD VitaGummies

Price: $38.48

Taking out time to relax from a tough schedule can be a bit too overwhelming for many so, how about soothing someone's stress by giving them a bottle of gummies. They really can make a difference because it tastes amazing and is infused with vitamins C that boosts your overall health, especially protects against immune system deficiency.


Floramye Bath Bliss Set

Price: $70

Tell your friend to add these soothing bath bombs to their next bath. It will help them to relax and give an incredible bathing experience. Floramye bath bliss set contains seven organic bath bombs, and inside each of them is a natural chakra stone. This is one of the best CBD gifts for Christmas.


Nano -CBD Coffee Pods

 Price: $24.20

It is time to take your evening coffee to the next level with these stress-relieving coffee pods. So, gift it to a friend who is super exhausted with work and needs a break.


CBD Massage Candles

 Price: $40

Heard about a candle that does more than smell good? CBD massage candle is exactly what you need. This is for someone who adores candles and CBD products equally. The CBD infused candles vary from Hemp to Black sea scents and can be used as a massage oil when melts. Don't wait! Just add this to your CBD gift basket now!


Nano-Amplified CBD Cartridges

Dark Star Flavor - Price: $49.99

For a vape lover, having CBD Cartridge as a Christmas gift is a dream come true. It is a great way to get your daily dose of Cannabidiol (CBD) in a flavorful and relaxing way. So, wrap up a Nano-Amplified CBD cartridge for your loved one right away.


CBD Lip Balm Stick

Price: $14.99

No matter how many lip balms one has, they always need more. It's a winter must-have and could be the best gift for CBD Lovers as lip balm is a winter necessity. We recommend you to grab Skeem Design's CBD lip balm for your Christmas gift basket.