Reasons you Need CBD Wax

CBD is a nutritional supplement derived from industrial hemp that is all the rage today as it offers a host of health benefits. CBD oil is available from Creating Better Days as sublingual tinctures, and infused with melatonin in syrup as a sleep aid. We also offer CBD wax online that you can dab.

Cannabidiol contains no psychoactive substances and does not give you a ‘high’, but it has the potential to soothe your nerves and help you relax. CBD oil allows you to get high doses of the beneficial CBD easily and quickly.

Here is why CBD wax is so awesome:

  • Fast acting: When  dabbed on medium temperature, the CBD wax provides super quick relief – within seconds, in fact, and you can feel the stress melting away, as your nerves calm down, and you relax blissfully. When you heat and inhaled the CBD wax through the mouthpiece, they go directly into the lungs from where they permeate almost instantly into your bloodstream. According to recent research, CBD may be very effective in dealing with certain ailments – more than THC, which can give you a ‘high’.
  • Ideal for daytime use: CBD wax can provide you quick relief in the daytime without the sedative effects, so you don’t feel groggy. CBD wax can perk you up and make you feel more alert, which is great when you have to work. The CBD wax from Creating Better Days helps you focus, especially when you have tough or stressful tasks to complete. Research also suggests that CBD wax can help with alleviating chronic pain without causing fatigue.
  • Perfect Dosage: The CBD wax from Creating Better Days contains 250mg of CBD per gram of the wax. As it is a full spectrum CBD concentrate, you get the perfect dose of CBD. Just drop a bit of wax in a  for immediate use, or heat a little with the dabbing pen and inhale for instant relief.

Apart from feeling the benefits instantly, dabbing CBD wax allows you to fine tune your dosage. You can also combine it with our other CBD products like CBD tinctures, lotion, CBD melatonin syrup, and so on. However, we recommend that you start with a small dosage at first, and gradually increase, if you feel the need.

How is CBD wax made?

The cannabidiol in the CBD wax from Creating Better Days is derived through the finest European hemp shipped to our facilities from Denmark; we use the latest CO2 extraction process to ensure that nothing but the purest form of CBD reaches our customers. This process removes unwanted substances like THC (which contains psychoactive substances), and retains the beneficial substances. This ensures that our CBD wax contains high doses of calming CBD.

Who can use it?

Though CBD products are generally safe enough for use by the whole family, dabbing CBD wax needs to be done with caution, especially as heating is involved. We recommend that children, expectant and nursing mothers NOT use CBD wax for dabbing.

At Creating Better Days, we manufacture many different kinds of CBD products, so that there is something for everyone. Choose the CBD product you feel is most suitable for you to enjoy the health benefits of this nutritional supplement. It is perfectly safe and legal as it is hemp derived, and not from cannabis. Check out our products here.