Know the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

There is a lot of discussion on CBD, hemp, medical marijuana, and cannabis; many people talk about it all in the same breath, but it’s not the same. Cannabis and Hemp are very different though they are both plants of the same species.

The first and biggest difference you need to be aware of is that CBD oil is 100 per cent legal and safe, because it does not contain psychoactive substances; it is derived from hemp. Marijuana is derived from the Cannabis plant and contains THC, which can give you a ‘high’, as it contains psychoactive properties.

CBD products are derived from industrial quality hemp, mostly imported from Europe, as the climatic conditions there are ideal for its growth.

There are two major varieties of Cannabis – Indica and Sativa, and Hemp is a variety of Cannabis Sativa. Though cannabis and hemp belong to the same species, cannabis is used mainly for its psychotropic and analgesic effects, and hemp is used for industrial purposes.

Plant anatomy

At a glance, both hemp and cannabis plants look identical, as they have thin stems and leaves with similar patterns; however, cannabis plants are quite short, whereas hemp plants can grow up to two meters. Cannabis plants produce plenty of flowers, but not hemp plants. Both cannabis and hemp contain cannabinoids; but the cannabinoids in cannabis is THC (psychoactive compound), whereas in hemp it is CBD (non psychoactive compound.) Hemp is usually grown outdoors, whereas cannabis is generally grown indoors as the plant needs specific temperature levels, humidity and light to achieve high THC levels.


Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are mostly used for the psychotropic effects they provide – it could be either for medicinal or even for recreational purposes. Cannabis is harvested for its THC content, which is extracted from the buds.

As for hemp, its seeds and stalk have been used for hundreds of years for various purposes like manufacturing paper, fabrics, plastic, rope, oils, mulch, animal feed, insulation, litter and so on. Hemp fiber is also being used to produce reusable plastic in an experimental manner.

The amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is very high in cannabis – around 10 to 25 percent; this is the substance that gives people who ingest it, via smoking, chewing or dabbing it, a psychiatric high.  Hemp contains hardly 1% of THC, and it is nearly impossible to get high with this level of concentration.


Even though hemp contains negligible traces of THC, it is also classified as a drug, along with cannabis in the US. Cannabis is legally available for medicinal purposes in only a few states in the US; however, hemp is legal for industrial use, and the CBD oil derived from hemp, is legal; so you can buy CBD oil or other CBD products online without hassles.

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