How to Include CBD in your Fitness Regimen

So far, we have come across a lot of benefits of CBD for various ailments like anxiety, depression, loss of appetite etc. Today, we dive into yet another interesting use of CBD- Fitness.

As the information age is progressing, a lot of awareness is going on regarding fitness and healthy lifestyle. Obesity, diabetes, stress-related issues are becoming so common these days, which calls for lifestyle changes and healthy routine. Eating healthy food when combined with effective exercise routine have helped people to get back to become a healthy person.

Supplements for Effective Workout:

Nowadays, work out is made effective not only with diet alteration and heavy workout plans but also by including supplements for better results. There are a number of ways in which supplements can help when working out. Supplements help in losing fat, gain more energy and make the muscles strong. Thinking of a good supplement to boost your muscle power?

Including CBD have the following benefits ( please keep in mind the research on CBD is still on progress and there is no specific study to prove the exact result)

Calorie Control:

If your motive is to lose a few pounds, the main aspect you should keep in mind is to cut back on the calorie count. Hard to control your temptation to have that delicious cake in front of you? Dealing with unnecessary cravings? How do you control the habit of binge eating, drinking caffeine or snacking? Including CBD in your preferred way (oil, powders, tinctures…) can help you control the temptation to eat whenever you see food. The best part of CBD is that you won’t get high! CBD is highly recommended to aid in appetite control which in turn helps in regulating your body weight.

Smooth Alertness:

Often, people get into the habit of taking in caffeinated drinks prior to work out to enhance mindfulness during the fitness session. But this is unhealthy for both body and mind. The energy high you feel with such drinks crashes down with time and the sugar level can make you groggy and addictive. It is observed that people who take a few dosage of CBD before work-out have a considerable increase in the mind alertness.

Enhances motivation:

Admit it! How many days have you thought twice about hitting the gym and slide under the comfort of your blanket? How many days have you held back from going out for that strength training as you simply don’t feel like going? We all know the story! Same routines will make you bored and taking adequate amount of CBD will help in enhancing the mood to keep you move forward with fitness. It improves your will-power and peaks up your enthusiasm. It is vital that you are in the zone when exercising or it could prove to be bad for you.

Helps with pain and inflammation:

If you are regular at your workout, you will be familiar with pain during a vigorous workout session. This soreness is mainly caused due to the lactic acid inside the muscles which prevent you from taking one more squat or push-up. Your body starts to feel tired and exhausted.  There is another type of pain which is seen after a workout session which helps in the muscle gain. Anyhow, pain that a body under the stress of work-out is not at all fun. To manage these kinds of pain, CBD is helpful. By raising the pain threshold effectively, you are able to push yourself further, and through its anti-inflammatory properties, the post work-out pain can also be managed effectively.

Now that you are familiar with a few benefits of CBD. The best part about incorporating cannabis into a workout regimen? It’s very easy and convenient. You can choose which form of CBD best suits your needs. For the most effective results, it is advised to take CBD in the evening or a few hours post-workout. CBD helps by gently drifting you to sleep after work-out, that’s when the recovery happens. However, there is no standard post-workout CBD dosage because of the lack of clinical research. Usually, CBD supplements provide 20 – 25 mg doses of CBD, taken as CBD oil or extract capsules.

Given these effects, it’s not surprising that many fitness enthusiasts and athletes are beginning to use CBD as a workout recovery tool. At Creating Better Days, we make sure that the customers find the right type of CBD for their requirements. Check out our website to find our product varieties!