Does CBD oil need to be taken with food?

As you start incorporating CBD oil, you start to think of the best way to take it inside the body. Should you take it on an empty stomach or along or after a meal?

To fully answer this question, we need to take a look at a term called bioavailability. It is defined as “the degree or rate at which a substance (such as a drug) is absorbed into a body or is made available at the site of physiological activity,” In other words, bioavailability describes the amount of an active ingredient absorbed by the body based on factors like type of product taken.

It is found that there is a considerable increase in bioavailability when CBD products (designed for sublingual absorption) is taken under the tongue. CBD oils, tinctures or liquids taken this way have a faster onset and higher bioavailability.

It is advised to take CBD oil after a meal which contains medium and long-chain triglycerides (fatty acids). A recent study suggested that co-administration of CBD with these fatty acids can bypass some first pass metabolism.

First pass metabolism is the main reason for the lower oral bioavailability of CBD. First pass metabolism is caused by the actions of enzymes of the digestive system before CBD reaches the circulatory system. CBD is acted on by enzymes in the liver called CYP 450 mixed function oxidases to yield more than 100 different metabolites, not all of which are used by the body.

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