CBDialogues with Eric Shelton UFC Flyweight

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Eric Shelton, UFC Flyweight

CBD delivers an array of beneficial properties to many different people with individual wellness goals. While CBD can be found in your mother’s cabinet you can also find CBD in a UFC fighter’s gym bag. Take a journey through the dialogues of the people that find better days with CBD.


Propelled by a hard work ethic and passion for his craft, Eric Shelton sat down with us and gave us an inside look at his training, motivations, and routines that help him reach the next level on the mats, in the ring, and at home.

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Consistency and Motivation

Shelton dips and strikes with focus and accuracy as he does in every aspect in his career which includes recovery. Winning in the intense sport of mixed martial arts still hurts. Ask any professional fighters how they feel after they leave the ring and the answer is unanimous: it depends. For Shelton, combining a good recovery routine, consistency, and listening to your body are vital for winning.

Like many, he is motivated by his family and the desire to instill the humble values and strong work ethic that has gotten him this far in the sport. From humble beginnings to chasing dreams, Shelton continues to relentlessly pursue his path and be a leading example to his kids.

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