Can CBD oil help children with autism spectrum disorders?

CBD for Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) leads to disruptive and disturbing behaviors in children and youth. This can be very distressing for their parents and caregivers. Such disruptive behavioral problems lead to social impairment for the children. This is compounded by the fact that the current treatment for ASD is based on atypical antipsychotics which is aimed at behavioral intervention.

A study conducted by the Centres for Disease Control Prevention reports that  1 in 68 children in the United States is afflicted with Autism which it terms as one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the country.

Children with Autism display debilitating symptoms. These include compulsive and repetitive behaviors, impaired communication and lack of social skills. Autism is normally noticed in infancy or in early stages of childhood. Normally the children with Autism are treated with antipsychotic drugs that do not prove to be very effective in many cases. Besides, they could lead to serious side effects which can lead to other health issues.  

Various anecdotal pieces of evidence have suggested the efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD) in alleviating the suffering of children and youth with ASD. In various studies, it is seen that phytocannabinoids have similar pharmacological characteristics to that of endocannabinoids that are dysregulated in ASD.

These studies have suggested the potential therapeutic value of supplementing the endocannabinoid system with phytocannabinoids. This means that various children with suspected underlying endocannabinoid deficiencies can thus be considered for treatment with phytocannabinoids.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD oils and other products offered by Creating Better Days are non-psychotropic cannabinoids extracted from industrial hemp. And therefore the fears and apprehensions associated with the use of cannabinoid extracts are assuaged.

CBD offers numerous health benefits as seen in clinical trials. Today CBD products are legally available in almost 50 states in the US which have led to an increasing number of people getting easy access to its benefits.

CBD has powerful antioxidants, neuromodulation, and anti-inflammatory properties. A lot of preclinical data suggests that it is good for a number of symptoms and diseases associated with ASD like repetitive behaviors, seizures, sleep dysfunction etc. These preclinical studies indicate an increasing role for treating symptoms and diseases associated with ASD with CBD.

CBD oil from Creating Better Days is a nutritional supplement. It helps manage or treat certain diseases and conditions, in conjunction with other medication and lifestyle changes. It is not a cure-all. Rather, it is rich in antioxidants and more effective than Vitamin C and E.  

Studies indicate that CBD can be taken in Autism Therapies with professional medical advice and perhaps even for the most severe cases of ASD. It is suggested that CBD could particular be beneficial in treating very severe or ailments unresponsive to currently available treatments.

CBD products from Creating Better Days give the parents and health professionals treating kids with autism better ability to adjust the cannabinoid ratios. They will understand over time the most optimal dosage to achieve the best therapeutic value. CBD oil, being rich in antioxidants can help in alleviating pain, managing anxiety and has beneficial neuro-protective effects.