Beginner’s Guide to CBD for Pets: CBD For Senior Pets

Beginner’s Guide to CBD for Pets: CBD For Senior Pets

Humans and pets alike can often benefit from incorporating a high-quality CBD-infused product into their daily health regimen. While especially beneficial for senior pets, these therapeutics can additionally act as a preventative therapy for pets of any age. In this article, we will discuss seven different ways that cannabidiol (CBD) oil can help ease the often uncomfortable symptoms associated with an aging pet.

1. Mobility Issues

Not unlike in humans, senior pets can often experience pain and stiffness in their joints and muscles as they age. Treatment with a CBD-infused product could potentially help soothe these symptoms by reducing inflammation and other physical discomforts. Many often opt for a CBD-infused pet treat to enhance their pet’s day, while others administer a CBD oil directly to treat more severe symptoms.

2. Subdues Nausea

A widely recognized therapeutic benefit of CBD is in its ability to help reduce symptoms of nausea. Nauseous or otherwise sick pets are often unable to receive the essential nutrients that are required to recuperate successfully. Incorporating a CBD-infused oil into your pet’s diet may help calm their digestive system, restoring their ability to eat and absorb the essential vitamins and minerals needed to help keep their body healthy.

3. Memory Loss

A common sign of aging in both humans and pets is symptoms of disorientation and confusion. Classified as a neuroprotectant, CBD has demonstrated an inherent ability to help restore brain functions and prevent symptoms from worsening. Additionally, its anti-anxiety traits could help ease anxiousness that is often associated with memory loss.

4. Improves Mood

Animals often experience symptoms of anxiousness, especially older pets. Situations such as an altered environment, separation, thunderstorm, car ride, company, or many other factors could all contribute to anxiety in a senior pet. Incorporating a CBD-rich product, such as a specialty pet treat, could potentially help ease these symptoms of general anxiousness.

5. Reduces Swelling

CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, capable of calming inflammation and thereby effectively reducing joint pain in both pets and humans. It can additionally help ease stiffness and tension, as well as providing a boost to your pet’s immune system that could potentially help speed up recovery time.

6. Improves Sleep Quality

It is often more difficult for an aging pet to obtain quality sleep at night. By incorporating a CBD-infused product into your pet’s daily routine as well as administering a dose shortly before bedtime could potentially help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

7. Boosts Appetite

If your aging pet is eating less than they used to, incorporating a CBD-infused product combined with an altered diet could help. Cannabinoids such as CBD are known to be appetite stimulants and (as previously discussed) can also help reduce symptoms of nausea.

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