A Guide to Buy CBD Oil Online

CBD is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid extracted from industrial hemp that offers numerous health benefits as seen in clinical trials.

CBD products are now legally available in almost 50 states in the US, and an increasing number of people have access to its benefits. Thanks to the spike in demand for hemp derived products, there are several companies manufacturing CBD products; unfortunately, many companies are indulging in running misleading advertisements to market them.

So how will you buy the right CBD oil?

  • CBD oil is not a cure all: if the product is being advertised as a panacea for everything from migraine to cancer; it should set alarm bells ringing; there is insufficient data to back such claims. CBD oil is a nutritional supplement and can help manage or treat certain diseases and conditions, in conjunction with other medication and lifestyle changes. We don’t claim it’s a cure; we are not selling bottled magic. However it is rich in antioxidants, and more effective than Vitamin C and E, so it is beneficial in many ways, and medical evidence will become available in the near future. CBD oil is not medical marijuana.
  • Quality over price: Low prices may be tempting; but are you getting good quality? When you try to search for CBD oil online you are sure to get thousands of results. Look for the concentration levels, and not just the price. The higher the concentration levels, the greater the potency, and more effective the oil; don’t let low prices fool you. Again, the technology to extract oil from hemp to ensure that only the beneficial ingredients are retained is quite expensive. If the oil is being sold at a very cheap price, it may also contain harmful ingredients. Always buy quality CBD oil. At Creating Better Days we not only manufacture our own CBD products right here in America, we send every batch to a third party, independent laboratory to test its potency and ensure its quality. 
  • Ensure that the product is non-psychoactive: Many hemp and marijuana derived products contain psychoactive ingredients; however, cannabidiol, present in CBD oil has been proven to counteract psychoactive compounds. So it’s crucial that you check the label to ensure that the oil has no psychoactive properties whatsoever.
  • Make sure the supplier or manufacturer is authorized: the Government strictly regulates and authorizes the sale and supply of CBD oil in the market. Check if the vendor has been licensed to manufacture or sell CBD oil.
  • Check for test results: CBD oil must be tested for level of concentration of CBD; genuine manufacturers will publish their lab analysis or test results on their website. Check for the lab results and see how concentrated a particular CBD oil is. The FDA also tests the oils of different companies and publishes them online. You can see those results as well.
  • Potency: Ideally, the extract should contain between 16 to 28 percent concentration of cannabinoids. Too low or too high a concentration should raise red flags. You need to be aware of the potency of any nutritional supplement you take; the same goes for when you buy CBD oil online.

Being rich in antioxidants CBD oil can help in alleviating pain, and managing anxiety, has neuro-protective effects, and so on. However, you need to also continue your conventional medication, till your physician advices otherwise. CBD extract is a food supplement that can be taken by most people, except expectant or nursing mothers. However, it is best to consult a physician before you start including this in your diet, and especially so if you are already on long term medication for any specific condition or ailment.

At Creating Better Days, we take every precaution to ensure that we deliver a pure, balanced product without any contaminants. Our team will be happy to give you any information you need about our products in a timely manner.