5 Reasons Why CBD Will Improve Your Day

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid derived from cannabis. Cannabis plants can be (loosely) separated into two categories: industrial hemp & cannabis.

CBD that is extracted from industrial hemp is legal almost everywhere around the globe. CBD extracted from cannabis plants that have a THC level of over 0.03% are considered illegal where cannabis is not legalized for recreational or medical purposes.

Now that you’ve got the gist of CBD, where it comes from, and the legalities surrounding it, let’s discuss how CBD can enhance your day.

Within our body, we have a system called the ECS (endocannabinoid system). Cannabinoids like CBD work on our own ECS just like the receptors in our body. Many people are turning to CBD to treat their medical conditions and discomforts naturally- do you see why?

If not, I’ve compiled a short list (in no order of importance) of how CBD will improve your lifestyle.

Now you don’t have to scour the internet- you’re welcome.

1. CBD Boosts Your Mood

The most common reason for using CBD is that it improves your mood.

If you are having a great day, but you are in a bad mood, the day doesn’t feel so great, does it?

Studies show that CBD naturally activates serotonin receptors that increase your mood and decrease levels of anxiety which can have an impact on how you think and feel.

A CBD oil or tincture that is taken sublingually (under the tongue) will activate quickly giving you mood-boosting effects within minutes.


2. CBD Restores Balance

Every day brings something new to the table: good & bad.

Because CBD works on our ECS, and our ECS regulates vital systems in our body like our digestive and immune systems, CBD restores balance within.

Providing your body with the stability it needs to tackle its imbalances with CBD is a simple, holistic, and effective way to feel well-balanced and have an overall sense of well-being.


3. CBD Reduces Pain

Physical pain sucks, but did you know those that suffer from chronic physical illnesses like inflammation, spasms, and tension can also development psychological issues?

Being in agony every day for months on end decreases your quality of life and is very depressing.

Using CBD products (in any form) not only effectively treats physical pain by reducing inflammation naturally, but also works to mitigate the possibility of developing stress, anxiety and depression from chronic pain.

For the last 15 years, doctors and scientist have proven CBD is a useful pain management tool.

This study is 13 years old, and it proves cannabidiol is a multi-faceted natural compound capable of treating an array of illnesses and symptoms.


4. CBD Decreases Anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) affects many people and reduces the quality of your social life and relationships you form with others.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound ( as in, it won’t get you high), that possesses anxiolytic (anx-i-o-lyt-ic, meaning reduces anxiety) effects.

Using CBD to treat anxiety can alter you positively on a molecular level reducing the negative feelings and emotions associated with anxiety.

You will feel at ease talking, thinking about speaking, and being in a social setting with people.


5. CBD Promotes Alertness

While I say CBD promotes wakefulness, others may say the opposite. That is because we are all unique.

Our endocannabinoid system, our body, our lifestyle, our weight, our height, and our medical conditions are all different.

CBD in low doses can increase alertness. Multiple studies have shown this- including this one.

Microdosing CBD is the best way to promote an alert effect.

Those who have ADD will reap the benefits of using CBD because it can help with your ability to pay attention, your memory, and how fast you process things.

In a Nutshell

Incorporating a CBD oil into your morning routine (tea, coffee, or even straight-up) is a simple way to give your mind that extra umph, and keep your body nice and calm.

How awesome is that? It’s not that awesome? Oh, okay. Can we still be friends? No? Alright.

At least you’ve learned 5 new ways CBD can enhance your day and boost your mood!

We have more tips on how to have a healthier and better year and everything you should know about buying CBD tinctures on the interweb.

Do you use CBD on a daily basis? Have you seen an increase in your daily lifestyle?

Share your experience below: the good, the bad, and the awesome. Take care, and remember to stay balanced!

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